How to delete photos from WhatsApp on Android?

WhatsApp is a one of the popular chat application which is popular among the worldwide users. This is a great way to share messages and photos among the friends. This application is used on Android based Smartphones. There is a folder on your Smartphone which is used by WhatsApp to store all its data. There is a media folder which is used by WhatsApp to store photos that you receive from your friends. Over the period of time the size of image folder gets increased. Due to increase in size of image folder performance of your phone may get decrease.

Why to delete photos from WhatsApp?

If there are lot of photos in media folder of your WhatsApp then it takes a lot of space on storage device and it is very clear that Phone on which WhatsApp is used comes with very little memory space. Thus to make some space you might need to delete some of photos from WhatsApp. Apart from memory issue, there is another reason why you should delete your photos from WhatsApp which is nothing but performance issues of your phone.

In case there are any private photos that your friends have sent to you and you do not want that others could see it then it is good to delete it from your WhatsApp. By doing so, you can maintain privacy of your conversation. As, it has become a very popular chat application, Smartphone user’s interest is highly inclined towards WhatsApp application.

How to delete WhatsApp photos?

When you decide to delete photos from your WhatsApp, you can do so by going to setting of WhatsApp and choosing particular image from image folder of WhatsApp. This is a bit lengthy process to delete photos from WhatsApp. Thus, if you want to delete photos from media folder of WhatsApp instantly, then it is better to make use of an automated tool that can easily and effectively delete photos from WhatsApp of your Android phone.

Remo MORE is one of the best tools which are used for deleting photos from WhatsApp across the globe. It is developed with the help of unique algorithm which gives it a special dimension of identity. Remo MORE has ability to delete photos from WhatsApp as well all the junk data from your Android phones which is clogging your phone and reducing its performance. MORE suit is recommended by many veteran industry experts to use for deletion of photos from WhatsApp. It has an elegant and nice interface which gives it a very nice and beautiful look. MORE utility is undoubtedly splendid software; you can use this tool without any hesitation to delete photos from WhatsApp. It helps you by providing step by step guide.

Steps to delete photos from WhatsApp:

Step 1: Download and install the tool on your Android phone then launch it, you will get a main screen from which you need to choose "Optimize" option. Then from the next screen you need to choose "WhatsApp Cleaner" as shown in the fig 1.

How to Delete Photos from WhatsApp - Choose Clean Junk Files

Figure1: Choose WhatsApp Cleaner

Step 2: In the next window you just need to click on "Image" as shown in the below fig 2.

How to Delete Photos from WhatsApp - Clean Junk Files

Figure 2: Select Image

Step 3: Select the Images which you want to delete from WhatsApp and then click "Delete" button as shown in fig 3.

How to Delete Photos from WhatsApp - Clean Junk Files

Figure 3: Select Photos and Press Delete