How to Recover Lost Android DIR Files?

DIR files are nothing but a system folder in which the Android OS maintains files that were recovered during a system boot up. Assume that you are saving a file on your Android device, while saving suddenly the devices gets switched off or you suddenly eject the SD card. Under this circumstance Android system will keep a copy of those files in LOST.DIR directory, so that when the device gets switched ON you can try and recover them. Have you lost DIR files from Android device? Do you want to retrieve lost DIR files on Android device? Then, don’t panic. Now there exists the most reliable and suitable Android photo recovery software to recover them. Just read the following information carefully to know more about lost DIR recovery using Android photo recovery app. In order to recover lost Android DIR files you have to make use of Android Photo Recovery program, which is regarded as one of the highly effective recovery tools.

Android Photo Recovery software is a powerful utility developed for recovering data from Android devices. With the help of this amazing utility you can easily get back lost DIR files on Android devices like Smartphones and Tablets. The software is designed by well experienced developers and is capable of recovering all types of files from Android devices.

How do DIR files are lost from Android device?

There are various reasons which can lead DIR files to get lost from Android device. Following are some noted reasons, take a look.

  • Restore Factory Settings: If the factory settings of Android device are restored then all the present data will get lost including DIR files, APK files and various other files. But, if you make use of Android Photo recovery application, then within moments you’ll be able to perform lost DIR recovery and retrieve back lost DIR files.
  • Virus Infections: When any detrimental virus gets into the Android device, then it will corrupt the files and make them inaccessible, after which the DIR files and other Android data will get lost.    
  • Formatting: Formatting of Android device will lead entire data to get wiped off including DIR and other files. However, with the help of Android Photo Recovery utility it is possible to recover lost Android DIR files.

Not only these, there are large numbers of other reasons which results DIR file to get lost from Android based devices. In all cases you can make use of Android Photo Recovery application to carry out lost DIR recovery. This powerful recovery utility needs to be installed on a computer which runs on Windows operating system. Once the app is installed you have to connect the Android device to the computer to retrieve lost DIR files on Android device. It can support all popular versions of Windows OS including Win 7, 8, Windows XP, Vista, etc.     

Striking features of Android Photo Recovery application:

Android Photo Recovery tool has a simple user interface which eases lost DIR recovery. This recovery app will make even an inexperienced user to carry out the recovery process without any hassle. The software will not only restore lost Android DIR files, but also allows the user to recover different types of files like APK files, pictures, videos, audio files, etc. To recover Android APK files, log on to: With the help of this recovery utility, you can retrieve lost DIR files on Android OS of all latest versions including Jelly Bean, Gingerbread, Froyo, Éclair, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and many more. The software is compatible to work with different Smartphones running with Android OS like Samsung, Sony, LG, Micromax and more.

Steps to recover lost Android DIR files:

Step A: Download and install the trial version of Android Photo Recovery tool on your system and launch it. Then connect your Android device to the system. From the main screen of the tool, select “Recover Lost Files” from the main window to perform lost DIR recovery as shown in Figure 1.

Lost DIR Recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step B: The software starts detecting for the connected Android device.

Lost DIR Recovery - Android Connection Screen

Figure 2: Android Connection Screen

Step C: From this screen, you have to choose the drive which indicates the Android device.

Lost DIR Recovery - Choose Android Device

Figure 3: Choose Android Device

Step D: After the selection, the tool starts scanning and once the recovery process is over you can view recovered files as shown in the figure 4.

Lost DIR Recovery - Preview Restored DIR Files

Figure4: Preview Restored DIR Files