How Can I Restore Lost Photos from Android?

Android is the World’s most renowned mobile platform which is marketed by Google. There is amazing features in Android which allows us to use all the Google apps that we know and are fond off. There are 60,000 plus apps and games available on Google play that keeps us entertained. On ground basis Android is the new technology OS specifically designed for mobile devices like- Tablets, iPads, SmartPhones and not to forget the digital world’s innovation to launch Android into digital camera. This open source platform has been designed in a way that it supports a very light weight SQLite database to maintain and store data into it. It gives us full exposure to Google apps, social networking, navigation of map, and has the power to make the fastest and easiest Google search on mobile devices.

Glancing at the amazing features of this open source platform one can easily know why people from all around the world go gaga over it. Its multi-tasking and multi-touch facility allows performing different tasks like uploading, downloading, sharing pictures simultaneously and above all it allows even multiple users to work simultaneously on the same device, thereby lessens the work stress. But at the same time there is a big chance of taking place of the worst. While all are working on the same device some of the treasured clicks may get lost from your Android based gadgets. We shall look into different big brands which is compatible with Android platform, these includes big companies like- LG, Samsung, HTC, Micromax, iBall, Sony, Asus, Motorola, Aquos, Fujitsu etc. As there is a maximum chance of losing photos from Android devices it is very tough indeed to recover lost photos Android as there are countable recovery wizard in the internet and one cannot rely on all of them.

Let us now take a look at a scenario where a user gets his new LG Nexus 4 which is powered by the Android 4.0 Jelly Bean version. As user is new to the gadget he experiences the worst when a good number of pictures that he has stored into his Nexus phone get mysteriously wiped off leaving the user horrified. User gets shocked to view this after he removes the USB cable that connected his computer and phone. All user was doing is transferring some icons and wallpapers from computer to his phone. Are you wondering how to recover deleted photos from LG phone? Or how to restore the missing images from your Nexus versions? Check Here for the answer in the given link. Well you are fortunately lucky enough to land on this page. You can now easily recover lost photos Android by downloading this Android lost photo recovery wizard. This tool efficiently supports recovery of images from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and exFAT drive. It also restore lost photos from Android phone memory of formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG, SRW, ARW, NEF, TIFF, BMP in few simple steps. To know about Android phone memory picture recovery visit:

This tool can be utilized for deleted photo recoevry from Galaxy Smartphobe in an effective manner. It uses its roboust and powerful algorithm to scan the Galaxy phone memory and recovers photos from it in jaus a matter of second. This page will give you more knowledge about deleted photo recovery from Galaxy have a glimpse over it:

Common scenarios of Photo loss from Android based cell phones / digital camera-

We shall here discuss some of the reasons for which photos get lost or vanishes into ether from our phones.

Formatting Issues- Formatting issues includes

  • Unintentional formatting of memory card such as SD card that are used inside the SmartPhones to expand the storage capacity of the electronic device.
  • Performing the Quick Format operation on the memory card when the electronic or digital device ids connected to the local machine and some transferring operation is running behind.
  • Sometimes while connecting the high-end gadgets with our computer, it displays an error message stating “Disk needs to be formatted” and we are left with no other option than formatting it. Unwillingly we format the storage device. This leads to loss of plenty of precious snaps along with some data.

Wrong Usage of the device- Mishandling or improper handling of the electronic gadgets too results in to severe photo loss from Android based devices.

  • Other Scenarios- Some of the other scenarios include-

    • Virus Attack
    • File system corruption in SD card
    • Power failure or fluctuation leads to corrupt SD card.

Amazing features of this recovery tool-

  • Performs Android file recovery apk (application package files) along with other music video and image files.
  • Retrieve lost photos Android like JPG, GIF, PNG, SRW, ARW and many more image formats.
  • Supports both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows OS to retrieve lost photos Android.
  • Restores formatted SD cards.
  • Using this tool you can also recover photos after factory reset in Android phone
  • This program can be operated by people with less technical knowledge easily.
  • It retrieve lost photos Android and sorts the particular photo file or folder based on their file type or signature.
  • This software also enables to restore data from Samsung Galaxy S3 and many more models. Check for more info

Guideline to use recover lost photos Android toolkit-

Step 1: Connect the Android device to your computer by external USB cable and let the phone get detected. Download and install free demo version of Android Photo Recovery Software to recover lost photos Android . After the software is launched, select “RECOVER LOST FILES” from the main window to restore lost photos android.

Recover lost photos Android - Main screen

Step 2: Select the Android device to recover lost photos Android in the second screen and hit the next button. In the following window, you need to select the file type that you want to restore. After selecting the particular file type, software starts the thorough scanning process.

Recover lost photos Android  - scanning progress

Step 3: You can view recovered file in “FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW”.

Recover lost photos Android- View in file type view

Does and don’ts after photo loss-

  • Install an updated antivirus software program to combat deadly viruses and malwares on your Android device.
  • It is recommended to not use your Android phone or digital camera after any photo loss scenario which may lead to overwriting.
  • Always copy your Android phones vital data and media files to an external storage device such as CDs or DVDs pendrive.
  • Avoid accidental deletion or formatting your SD card by making use of “write protect” knob.
  • Don’t remove your android smart phone abruptly during transfer process between your Android phone and computer.